Welcome to Barefoot Butler Web Design?

Whether you want a brand new website or you're looking for a redesign of your current website, I will ensure that you get precisely what you want.

I can code your website by hand, use a CMS (Content Management System) like Joomla, or use a smaller flat file CMS. 

  • A hand-coded website is often faster to create and can load very quickly with less expensive hosting packages. 
  • A flat file CMS is easy for your staff to learn and maintain, and may load as fast as a hand coded page.
  • A package like Joomla offers hundreds of options, but is hard to learn and can load very slowly with an inexpensive hosting plan.

I will be happy to help you find the right compromise between ease of use, speed and cost.

Send me an email if you have questions or would like to request a quote. I will get back to you as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours.